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The club was founded in 2004 by local archery coach Don Bradley and a bunch of like-minded individuals. It went quickly from strength to strength and has produced the cream of Irish archers across most I.F.A.F. and S.I.F.A. shooting classes. Many members have attained Irish records and some have gone on to become European champions.  We have a wide range of members from age 8 to retirement age. It is a great club, full of friendliness, loyalty, humour, laughter, dedication and positivity. We have members who are fiercely competitive and others who do archery as a social outlet. We have many success stories and an extremely talented underage membership. Either way, you will be more than welcome at Dunbrody Archers.


Image by Billy Huynh

Tinnacarrick Woods
Most Sunday mornings, you will find our members out on our tough course grabbing in some practice for upcoming competitions.  We are very lucky to have 2 full courses in our woods.  One being a full 36 target SBG course and they other being a full 28 UAR course. 

Image by Vince Fleming

Practice Hall
Every Tuesday you will find us in Youth Centre, Nunnery Lane (Y34A065) in New Ross from 7.30 pm till 9.00 pm 

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